LG DVD Drive: 8X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 4X DVD+R DL 8X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW 12X DVD-ROM 16X CD-R 16X CD-RW 32X CD-ROM CD, DVD: 2MB BD, HD: 4MB Cache SATA Super Multi Blue BD Burner and HD DVD Reader

Really! Thats the name of the LG Model GGW-H10NI DVD Burner.
What an absolute joke. Not the LG Product, (it’s a nice drive although a little pricey) but this whole Optical Media standards war that has been ongoing for the last ten years or so.

Which technology can use this alphabet soup idiocy to actually win the optical standards war and nuke all of the Optical media and drive competition? The answer is flash memory. If you wonder why Flash media will make ALL optical media obsolete, check out the ease of use, plus continuously plummeting pricing and exponentially increasing capacity.

Plug it in, it just works, no worrying if your media format won’t play nice with your equipment. Because Flash memory actually has a “Standard”. The Standards game being played by the optical media companies will be their undoing.