Wall-Mart Puts the Muscle on Warner and BMG to Ditch DRM

You all know those stories we hear about the E-v-i-l Wal-Mart muscling the poor manufacturers and distributors to lower prices. Well this time Wally World is using its power for the forces of Good!


A Tipping Point For MP3s

(waaaay down the article we find this little nugget of good news)

… mass merchant Wal-Mart [is] alerting WMG and Sony BMG that it will pull their music files in the Windows Media Audio format from walmart.com some time between mid-December and mid-January, if the labels haven’t yet provided the music in MP3 format.

Good news!

Update: Wal-Mart … Wall-Mart … what can I say? I’m not fixing it, go ahead and laugh all you want.

Update: This post was picked up by SlashDot. Quite a discussion went on over there.