Blu-ray BD+ Cracked as Expected

In July 2007, Richard Doherty of the Envisioneering Group (BD+ Standards Board) claimed that ‘BD+, won’t likely be breached for 10 years.


BD+ Unbreakable for 10 Years says Richard Doherty of Envisioneering Group

Richard Doherty a Media analyist with Envisioneering Group says ” BD +, Unlike AACS, Which suffered a partial Hack Last Year, Won’t likely be breached for 10 years.” Doherty said “and if so The damage would effect one film and one player.”

He also said BD + Offers 4 time the safeguards on top of aacs against piracy. All Blu-Ray Players are equipped with BD +.

In today’s AnyDVD Press release:

Press Release: AnyDVD HD now with BD+ support

Film studios that have switched to Blu-ray may have crowed a little
too early because the much-praised BD+ copy protection is an ad
absurdum affair now, too. With today’s release of version of
AnyDVD HD it is now also possible to make backup security copies of
Blu-ray discs protected with BD+.

Richard Doherty of the Envisioneering Group will have to revise his
statement from July, 2007 regarding BD+: “BD+, unlike AACS which
suffered a partial hack last year, won’t likely be breached for 10
years”. It is worth mentioning that since he made that statement only eight months have gone by.

AACS marketers should however be heartily congratulated for harvesting millions from their “marks” (the stupid media companies). AACS always was and still is a masterful example of the big con.

Meanwhile it looks as if Sony may have incoroporated stolen technology for their Blu-ray system; Sony Blu-ray Under Patent Infringement Probe


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