“Going Galt” On Tobacco Taxes With E-Cigarettes

I’m not the only one, Ace of Spades HQ says:

“Going Galt” On S-CHIP [Komrad Vinnieovich]?

Thanks to President Barack Hussein Oteleprompter’s promise to not raise taxes on any family making under $250,000 a year (or $200,000 as an individual), some friends and I have decided that it’s a good time to quit using tobacco products. Because, after all, the new tobacco taxes only affect the rich. Or at least they will, because now only the rich can afford them.

Senator Lautenberg has $128,250 reasons to request the FDA halt e-cig sales and protect pharmaceutical companies and their gum, patches, and pills.

We switched to e-cigarettes three weeks ago and have not looked back. Technology trumps the taxman!

We like smoking, We refuse to quit, and the e-cigarettes are not taxed as a tobacco product. Plus they actually taste and feel like smoking even though the “Smoke” is only vapor.

Naturally there are already efforts to make the e-cigarettes illegal, so anyone interested in e-smoking had best get one while they still can.

You can still get NJoy e-Cigarettes at Costco’s web site. Just search for “NJoy”.

There is also a good forum with just about everything you need to know regarding e-cigarettes at the e-cigarette-forum. . Lots of information there about brands, form factor, refills, etc.

So far within the last three weeks … Politech, Idiocracy, several co-workers (5 actually!) and a brother-in-law have all made the switch. (Tobacco taxes in our state are already high and when combined with the new fed tax … suffice to say that tobacco prices are simply out of control)

Politech smoked one analog cigarette two weeks ago and found that he prefers the e-cig now.

Politech said that it tastes … cleaner. (plus he liked some of the other flavors available, like apple and banana)



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