the Air Vent, the Galileo of our “scientific age”, and Lord Monckton

Interesting article on the Air Vent;

Global Inferno

Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner: the Galileo of our “scientific age”

Science has taken a leap four centuries back to dark age when science lost to theology. Then the butt of condemnation and punishment were just two souls – Bruno and, the better remembered, Galileo. Now it is a huge horde of scientists from across the planet, who dare challenge the mainstream belief in CO2-induced global warming or anthropogenically-induced global warming (AGW), that are being condemned with calls for punishment of these “traitors” for committing “high crimes against humanity,” “deserving Nuremberg-style trials,” ……… Reviling and calls for punishment are unending. If theology was settled then for a particular cosmological view, now it is “science is settled’ for AGW. Then it was cosmological data gathered through telescope versus theological view; now it is clean, hard core science versus manipulated science backed by political interests. Then it was Cardinal Bellarmine backed by Pope Clement VIII/Pope Paul V; now it is Dr. R. K. Pachauri backed by our political Pope, Mr. Banki Moon. More…

I have also linked to the Air Vent under the ScienceBlogs category.

On that note, here is a fun interview where Lord Monckton adresses a Greenpeace-campaigner on global warming.



    • Thanks for the article itself Jeff Id, no return link necessary as the video is not mine … its posted in several places on the tubes by quite a few up-loaders.

      I thought the video apropos to the article in that Lord Monkton remains so very unflappable and civilized even though, if you followed the Copenhagen events, you will know that Monkton himself was treated quite roughly by the “Climate Change Believers” due to his questions regarding AGW hypothesis.


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