The C-SPAN Video Library is now available free on the internet

The C-SPAN Video Library, including 160,000 hours of political events and congressional sessions chronicled by its networks since 1987, is now available free on the Internet. Hattip: Jim Kearney

I can hardly wait for the crowd-sourcing results. It will amusing to see inevitable video mash-ups of politicians talking from both sides of their mouths.

I also expect to see a bunch of this footage in the coming campaign commercials for November’s elections.

When Video first started to become predominant on the intertubes with embedding I predicted that it was going to be interesting to see the results as the phenomenon grew.

This is one more example of a massive amount of free information actually being made available directly to the citizenry without the “filter” of news media outlets. What happens next is anyones guess, but you can be sure that it will be interesting!