TED Blog: The danger of science denial: Michael Specter on TED.com

TED Blog: The danger of science denial: Michael Specter on TED.com

This is a very good video presentation, although Michael Specter leaves out some of the causative factors of some of the public’s distrust of pop science.

Things like the rampant Healthcare fraud recently perpetuated by Big Government aficionados, using fudged data and faked demographics to ramrod corporatist solutions to problems that would be best left to the marketplace.

The scientifically regressive fraud called AGW, with its ham-handed manipulation of data sets and worse than bad coding of the computer models. As it turns out, all the while the supposed “Climate Scientists” were suppressing basic fact checking, hiding data that didn’t fit the hypothesis and cynically labeling scientific skeptics things like “flat earthers” and ‘Climate Change Deniers”.

A Hypothesis is not a Theory unless other scientists can reproduce the results on their own using the base data that the originating idea is based upon. The AGW hyperbole acolytes “loss” of the original data sets is the antithesis of classic science and an assault on the scientific method itself.

Science is skepticism and skeptics aren’t “Deniers”, skeptics are the guardians at the scientific gate!


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