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AT&T NoDo update includes support for two new AT&T features

I have two Focus WP7 phones, one for me one for my better half. On mine I ran Chris Walsh’s updater tool when Paul Thurrott posted about it, however I did not update my the other phone at all.

My better half  was notified yesterday that an update was available from the MS mother-ship. (notified on Zune – not on her phone directly)  Over at Windows Phone Secrets  Paul Thurrott posted this about it.

NoDo, pre-update heading out to AT&T users
Posted on April 19, 2011 by Paul Thurrott

I’ve received numerous emails and tweets from people who report they’re now downloading the Windows Phone pre-update and NoDo update for their AT&T Samung Focus and LG Quantum handsets.

Paul also mentioned that AT&T might consider shipping the apps in the AT&T App store rather than stuffing them into an update. I agree, especially considering that one of the apps isn’t compatible with all WP7 phones.

In this update the AT&T address book is evidently not compatible with the Samsung Focus whatsoever.

The phone that was running the original AT&T firmware received an 800xxxxx error and Zune informed us that the update had failed. (We re-ran the updates  and the phone is now up to date) … “Smooth” update process indeed.

So I figured I would take the risk and go ahead and run the update on my “Hacked” phone …. flawless installation on the first try.

I’ll try WISPr connecting at any AT&T hotspots I can find today and update this post with my results (good or bad).

In my case the Walsh updater ensured that my phone received its update.  It didn’t “break” my phone at all.  In fact quite the opposite.

Hattip Paul Thurrott at Windows Phone secrets

AT&T update FAIL for Samsung Focus … Workaround Available!

samsung focus

Samsung focus

Windows Phone Secrets posted about a new utility they recently discovered, with which you may be able to get the “NoDo” update right now.

AT&T has taken a bit longer than even I expected for them to roll out the “NoDo” update.

I performed the process on my Samsung Focus today and I’m now happily up to date.  Everything is working fine, apps do seem a trifle faster, and copy paste functionality is now available.

Thanks guys!

With new utility, you may be able to get NoDo right now
Chris Walsh has released a tool that may allow you to bypass Microsoft’s silly restrictions and install the February 2011 (“pre-update”) and March 2011 (“NoDo”) updates for Windows Phone.

I needed both updates, this method got me there.  My only word of advice is to be patient, and follow the instructions carefully. (and make a visit to Windows Phone Secrets to comment if it worked for you or not).

Hat-tip: Paul Thurrott and Chris at My Coding Adventures

Update: MS Posts some caviates. As always YMMV when running these utilities.

No worries!