AT&T update FAIL for Samsung Focus … Workaround Available!

samsung focus
Samsung focus

Windows Phone Secrets posted about a new utility they recently discovered, with which you may be able to get the “NoDo” update right now.

AT&T has taken a bit longer than even I expected for them to roll out the “NoDo” update.

I performed the process on my Samsung Focus today and I’m now happily up to date.  Everything is working fine, apps do seem a trifle faster, and copy paste functionality is now available.

Thanks guys!

With new utility, you may be able to get NoDo right now
Chris Walsh has released a tool that may allow you to bypass Microsoft’s silly restrictions and install the February 2011 (“pre-update”) and March 2011 (“NoDo”) updates for Windows Phone.

I needed both updates, this method got me there.  My only word of advice is to be patient, and follow the instructions carefully. (and make a visit to Windows Phone Secrets to comment if it worked for you or not).

Hat-tip: Paul Thurrott and Chris at My Coding Adventures

Update: MS Posts some caviates. As always YMMV when running these utilities.

No worries!