Rand Paul gives Christie the smack down

He may have heard that the Republican party is on life support in the northeast. Republicans are in danger of becoming an endangered species, so it’s not real smart for Republicans to be attacking Republicans. But I would remind him that I think what’s dangerous in our country is to forget that we have a Bill of Rights, to forget about privacy, to give up all of our liberty to say ‘we’re going to catch terrorism, but we have to live in a police state.’ I think it’s really kind of sad and cheap that he would use the cloak of 9/11 victims, and say, ‘I’m the only one who cares about these victims.’ Hogwash. If he cared about protecting this country, maybe he wouldn’t be in this, “Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme all the money you have in Washington, or don’t have,’ and he’d be a little more fiscally responsive and know that the way we defend our country, the way we have enough money for national defense, is by being frugal and not by saying, ‘Gimme, gimme, gimme’ all the time. … I’m for spying in terrorists, I’m not for spying on every American. And so people like the governor who are, I guess, flippant about privacy, flippant about the 4th Amendment, and flippant about the Bill of Rights, they do an injustice to our soldiers. Our soldiers are laying their life on the line for the Bill of Rights. So, if we’re not going to stand up for the Bill of Rights, we don’t care about liberty, then I think it’s really a mistake and we’ve gone too far.

When the NSA started spying on the home front they became a defacto extra-constitutional military organization deployed within our borders and thus eligible for defunding with extreme prejudice.

Their hooking up and listening to every electromagnetic eminence coming from within your domicile may even violate the third amendment of all things!

It’s too bad that some elected officials don’t take the oath to “Defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC” seriously but, lucky for us, others do.

The Patriot Act was bad law exactly because of what is currently being done under its auspices by the Democrat party. Which is exactly what we were all warned was going to happen by those nutty libertarians.

via Hot Air.