David Brat wins over Eric Cantor, GOP freaks out!

cantor-vs-bratBreitbart: Who Is the Real David Brat?

Holy crap the comments over there are nutso!

OK time for a rant:

Cantor is to blame for his own loss due to his apparent disinterest in his actual constituency. He was busy campaigning everywhere but in his district. Not to mention his amnesty flip flop between January and now. Had Cantor bothered to actually campaign in his district he might have made it competitive. But he was busy living it up on the national stage and forgot all about those whom he had to convince to actually, you know, cast a ballot for him.

But the RINOs are something else. Sowing dissent rather than uniting against the Democrat opposition. Comparing Brat to Obama? Whose side are they on again?

Funny, the so called tea party organizations such as the Tea Party Patriots, FreedomWorks, Club for Growth, Madison Project, Tea Party Network, Tea Party Express, etc. etc ad nauseum had NOTHING to do with Brat’s victory over Cantor.

Not one of them gave him a dime. Not even an endorsement.

Most grassroots people who self identify as tea party supporters don’t believe that such johnny come lately, carpet bagging “National Tea Party groups” represent them or their views whatsoever. In fact those groups appear to be becoming the very Rovian monsters that we already suffer with in the two major parties.

But now the left spin machine is trying to tie Brat with the “National Tea Party groups” and “National Tea Party group” carpet baggers are themselves trying yet again to line their own pockets with fund raising by using a grassroots candidate’s good name.

My advice, ignore the media (including VIRGIL on BB) and ignore the “National Tea Party groups” … give your money directly to your candidates.

To the NEOCONs and RINOS … Keep shedding those RINO tears. You “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” big government “social conservative’ types are simply another side of the leftist coin. Not conservative at all, just wishing for your own brand of cronyism and wanting to control people in a different way.