The Strange feud between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly

Megan Kelly

Megan Kelly Image Courtesy DonkeyHotey

3 Reasons Resuming the Feud with Megyn Kelly is Bad Strategy for Donald Trump

SPQR_US  made an excellent comment:
To me Trumps strategy is now clear. At first I thought Good Lord he’s squandering his lead emotionally. Then after this latest exchange I realized exactly what he was doing. He’s really strategic. Sun Tzu would be proud. He’s dominating the airwaves all conversations and he’s forcing his rivals into the field of battle into a roaring melee that they weren’t prepared for. This is his ground and he’s taking bite after bite out of them as they run hopelessly in open ground. His dominance of the news on all fronts means only he chooses who can speak and when they do he hits them again. Meanwhile he’s prepared a series of truly bunker busting hugely popular detailed nationalistic policy plans. The first of which was immigration. As the field under him struggles to deal with his incessant rains of arrows he send down on to them Trump is busy flanking them in the primary cutting off all avenues of escape because he holds all the strategic ground and the GOPe is forced to reactionary mode. Continue reading