Trump: Obama is “not going to stop” at just a handful of Syrian refugees.

A FOX commentator said the 200K number Trump presented in an interview had “No basis in fact”.

syrian+refugees+genericDonald Trump On Breitbart News Daily: Obama A ‘Bad President,’ He’s ’Not Going To Stop’ At Just 10,000 Syrian Refugees

It’s funny, the UN said that they want the US to take 65,000 more Refugees next year, in addition to all those that are already here. In the tiny fine print the UN also wants the US to take 65,000 in ’17 and ’18 as well. Trump said in an interview the other day that the number of Syrian Refugees could eventually reach 250,000 in the long run … and yet the so-called conservative media poo poo’d that number. Four million Syrians have fled to other countries, and hundreds of thousands of others from the Middle East and Africa have been pouring into Europe. No one is actually confused about the number … but someone is certainly lying about their intentions. Mr. Kerry said the United States would explore ways to increase the overall limit of refugees beyond 100,000 in September this year.