Oh! Those Kids These Days!

Oh! those kids these days!

Millennials: The Curated Generation

Is that the first time the author ever heard any girls under the age of thirty talk?millennials

Tech use by kids is not the problem with millennials nor post millennial  youngsters, (what are they called?) many of whom already use iPads in grade school…. Why would anyone want to lessen the use of tech tools by kids at all? You wouldn’t dream of telling a kid that his or her half hour of math puzzle solving or book reading for the week is up.

Technology is just a tool. Why are people so surprised to find out that today’s technology isn’t appropriate as a babysitter nor a robotic teacher? No more than the T.V. was appropriate for the same things fifty years ago. Some adult has to supply the equipment and pay the subscription, it’s that same adult’s responsibility to ensure that the tech is used appropriately for the kid it’s given to.

I’ll keep using the technological tools to ensure that my kids and grandkids have a leg-up in school and can think using abstract concepts. Others are welcome to try doing the same without using technology. In twenty years we can see which was the correct choice.