Melissa Harris-Perry is out


Melissa Harris-Perry, who did for tampons what Andy Warhol did for Campbell’s soup cans, has become the latest high-profile victim of racism in corporate AmeriKKKa. After four years of listening to Melissa Harris-Perry speak truth to power, power has spoken back:

“The MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry is officially out at the network.

Two days after Ms. Harris-Perry publicly stated she felt “worthless” to NBC News executives after several weeks of preemptions for her eponymous weekend morning show, an MSNBC spokesman on Sunday confirmed that the network and Ms. Harris-Perry were ‘parting ways.’”

Hat tip: HotGas

It’s so entertaining every time another “Democrat with a by-line” self-immolates his or her career. I know that sounds mean, but how can anyone pity them, when as a journolist they apparently imagine that rather than simply reporting the news, it would be so very much more fun to become the news.
Sow the wind …