Advance Publications decides to ruin Ars Technica’s reputation with Anti-Trump agitprop

Condé Nast, a division of Advance Publications, has been busy pushing Anti-Trump messaging on almost every political website they have an interest in. Now they are expanding their political editorializing to Tech Sites. Today’s victim: Ars Technica

TrumpTheScholarTrump University and the art of the get-rich seminar

We witnessed The Donald’s foray into “university” education.

What does any of this subject matter have to do with being a “publication devoted to technology” that claims to cater to what they call “alpha geeks, technologists and IT professionals.

Nothing too technological about good old fashioned muckraking and spreading innuendo about an ongoing civil court case.

One would hope that the rank and file of Ars aren’t too enthusiastic about having to veer off of their usual technology fare. Worse, rather than a balanced article that exposes all the candidates, Ars talks about just one.

This particular anti-Trump hit piece on Ars Technica of all places is simply incredible to me! For the simple reason that the article has zero references to anything technological whatsoever.

Is it bias, or just click bait? I’m leaning towards bias due to the fact that ARS Technica is wholly owned by Condé Nast which is a subsidiary of the huge media conglomerate Advance Publications.

The Big Six Media are pulling out all the stops this week. They are blanketing every media outlet they own with anti Trump agitprop. Radio, T.V., and every website that you can think of.

I guess the media companies are willing to burn the credibility of their entire investment portfolio rather than risk a Trump presidency, if they think that’s what it will take.

Zoe Quinn doesn’t just allegedly fake harassment against herself but, also apparently harasses other people too!

Looks Like Zoe Quinn Is #GamerGate

zoe-quinn-desarrolladora-victima-y-experta-en-ciberacosoSHIELD is Hydra. Hydra is SHIELD.

One unfortunate thing about the battles between online feminists (such as Zoe Quinn) and online anti-feminists (such as the #GamerGate movement) is that explaining them always gets so complicated, in part due to the use of online aliases and fakery. The truth is unlikely to be followed by any normal, sane person who isn’t obsessed with the details.

So here’s the one-paragraph version of the latest (and it’s still longer than one might wish): Zoe Quinn doesn’t just allegedly fake harassment against herself (as was long suspected) but, also harasses other people too!

In short, despite media adulation for people like Quinn (and Anita Sarkeesian, who now gets to decide what’s offensive on Twitter in an official capacity), it appears increasingly likely that a huge chunk of harassing behavior online (the bad parts of GamerGate, if you will) is what conspiracy theorists call a “false flag operation”—the purported good guys disguising themselves as bad guys to frighten the populace and make the purported good guys look necessary. If you have the patience, read a longer version of it all here and follow the chain of deduction that one woman who tangled with Quinn went through in figuring out what’s (apparently) really going on.

In a way, it makes sense that people who thrive in the school of piranhas that is Twitter turn out to have the ethics of a deranged mob.

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A viable, safer alternative to cigarettes exists, naturally the FDA wants to “Regulate” it out of existence

As FDA preps e-cigs rules, scientists and Congress rally to support vaping

Fierce debate erupts as sides fight to protect children and smokers from tobacco.

Vaped-before-it-was-coolThe 2017 Agriculture Appropriations Bill may not seem like a stirring piece of legislation to most, but it raised quite a few eyebrows last week as it passed through a House subcommittee with a key amendment—one that aims to spare the vast majority of electronic cigarettes from impending federal regulations.

The bipartisan effort to protect the burgeoning e-cig market is just the latest in a long-smoldering debate reignited by the Food and Drug Administration’s plans this year to begin regulating the new devices as it does traditional tobacco products. The crux of the controversy is about whether e-cigarettes act more as a gateway into or a ticket out of dangerous tobacco use, the single largest cause of preventable deaths in the US.

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Gunfight at the #NeverTrump #NeverCruz Corral.


Hat tip: Liberty Unyielding 

Little Known Fact: FEC loopholes allow campaigns & Super PAC’s to coordinate

TrollsForHireBUSTED: Pro-Clinton Super PAC Caught Spending $1 Million on Social Media Trolls

A Super PAC headed by a longtime Clinton operative is spending $1 million to hire online trolls to “correct” Bernie Sanders’ supporters on social media.

Apparently this is also the same Campaign/PAC legal logic used by the Cruz campaign when excusing their coordinating with Cruz’s PAC.

The Cruz campaign bought the IP rights from GQ for a photo spread featuring Mrs. Trump’s fashion shoot from many years ago. One photograph of Mrs. Trump was then tweeted to church ladies in Utah by the Cruz PAC.

As to the Paid Trolling, I have identified several that lie in the weeds of various conservative and libertarian sites just to foment dissent and division within the ranks. Many of the never-Trump commentors are actually paid Democrat operatives, some are paid GOPe operatives, but of course … some are just Internet Jokers that start fights for the lulz.

But none of that excuses the skirting of the law here. I find it troubling that the Cruz and Clinton campaigns are using similar strategies.

Libby Watson of the Sunlight Foundation told the Daily Beast on Thursday that FEC loopholes allow the Hillary Clinton campaign and David Brock’s Super PAC to coordinate with one another, despite the Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court decision prohibiting a Super PAC’s independent expenditures from going directly toward a particular candidate.

“It’s not totally clear what [CTR’s] reasoning is, but it seems to be that material posted on the Internet for free—like, blogs—doesn’t count as an ‘independent expenditure,’” Watson said. She continued by addressing the unprecedented nature of the project.

She concluded with a damning assessment: “Campaign finance lawyers are not that impressed with [CTR’s] logic, but they can get away with it because the [Federal Election Commission] is deadlocked and does nothing.”

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Funny, the phrase “deadlocked and does nothing” describes the entirety of the Federal Government, no?

Lastly; When doing some Bing and Google searching trying to find out who tweeted the photo of Mrs. Trump, the search results returned thousands of stories about Trump attacking Cruz’s wife, and none about the Cruz PAC attacking Mrs. Trump.

The Cruz Campaign and the detestable phony conservative PAC called “Making America Awesome”have deleted any trace of the tweet that started the “Attack of Wives” portion of the GOP primary campaign.

Thanks for all the music Prince!

I have no idea who the other dude is. I should have picked a better video. :-/

In an interview with Brian Williams Aretha Franklin says, “But, you know, they’re saying flu-like symptoms. I’m wondering if it had anything to do with this Zika virus?”Brian Williams also commented, “Yeah, this is a scary thing for a guy who was last reported to be suffering from the flu, and then suddenly for this very healthy individual,” said Brian Williams. “He was a vegan, he was fitness buff, he was a dancer, he was physically very fit. For him to die of this…”

Fair question. Fair speculation.

This is cool:
10 Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written by Prince

And who could ever forget this?

Video: Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show

He was also a fan of: The Forgotten Presidents (The presidents before George Washington)


Intel Lays of 12,000, Lobbies for More H1-B Visas

12,000 people fired and certain to be replaced with H1b foreign workers … That’s a really big number …

Daily Caller: Intel Lays Off 12,000 People After Lobbying For More Foreign Workers

path2usah1b2016One of the top users of foreign workers imported via the H-1B visa program announced Tuesday it’s laying off about ten percent of its global workforce.

Tech giant Intel is laying off some 12,000 workers, although it’s one of the country’s 15 largest users of H-1Bs, which are temporary visas that allow companies to hire foreign workers for American tech jobs. The big-time layoffs come even as the company has called for hikes in the number of foreign workers it is able to hire using H-1B visas.

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