HotGas invites link sharing

HotGas invites link sharing to like minded blogs and websites.

Hot Gas ... A Conservative Blog
Hot Gas … A Conservative Blog

A new link to has now been added to the blog! I also want thank all of the HotGas contributors and commentors for the wonderful community that I have been privileged to interact with these last few months. Thanks to the HotGas management (Especially you ConstantineXI) for the opportunity to add any traffic at all to my tiny insignificant, but very nicely designed blog.


Know also that the HotGas team have renewed my blogging motivation!

I added this entry using my Lumia 1520 smart phone and the WordPress for Windows Phone version 2.2 app. It’s a nice way to do an instapost from the mobile device, but I had to clean the post up just a little bit in the web editor later on. 😁



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