National Review Clown Car Unloads Another Clown Act

This time one clown runs around threatening to throw a bucket of water on another clown, but misses and douses the voters. Instead of water, or confetti, this bucket is filled with RINO crap. What Personality Research Reveals about Trump SupportersTed-Cruz-takes-the-wheel-of-the-Republican-Clown-Car-by-DonkeyHotey-via-Flickr-Creative-Commons-800x430

They tend to share some particular traits. … Trump supporters are: Three times as likely to speak only one language, Twice as likely to have sold something in order to pay off a debt, and . . .  Half as likely to be afraid of large crowds. Twice as likely to have cheated on someone, but . . .  Half as likely to cheat on a board game. Twice as likely to have picked up a hitchhiker, but . . .  Half as likely to marry someone from another country and move there. … the typical “Trump Supporter,” …  is much more outgoing, much more organized, and very, very aggressive. … much less patient, shy, and “random” than non-supporters …

It goes on like that for hundreds of words but we get more than enough of the gist via the excerpt.


My survey says:
NRO pointy heads are twice as likely to vote for a Democrat than a Republican.