Considering today’s latest Adobe Flash Player vulnerability, this is a great idea.

Microsoft Announces that they will attempt to mitigate the risk that comes from having Adobe Flash Player installed: Microsoft Edge Browser to Auto Pause Unnecessary Flash Content. You simply can’t trust that Adobe hasn’t introduced more vulnerabilities into the Flash products along with the fix for the latest particular exploit du jour of the week .

In fact, today’s big Windows security problem on all Windows versions is yet again brought to you by your friends at Adobe Inc. and that wonderful tool that IT people all know and love; Adobe Flash Player


Flash has a HUGE vulnerability right now and should be removed (recommended) or replaced with he latest version ( … if you haven’t yet, you should and you should do it sooner rather than later.

Get the update version here. Seriously! Don’t wait!!!



    • I agree, but for businesses that subscribe to various web services, it’s a necessary evil. I do what I can to send strongly worded email to those vendors, and sometimes it even seems as if the service provider listens. Often they do not.


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