How much has conservative media has been bought off? This much!

When you think about it, you can imagine how hard it would be to resist sticking your snout deep into the money trough, givin the opportunity.


The Conservative Treehouse catalogs a pretty thorough list of conservative pundit piglets as they scramble and crap all over anyone getting in the way of their single minded suckling on the political/media teats:

The Political Media, Punditry, and Financial Conflicts of Interest…

The amounts of money, jobs and influence peddling that these faux-pundits admit to is astonishing.* It’s little wonder that so many of these propagandists posing as conservatives seem to have no problem ruining the reputation and credibly of their various mediums.

They’re hitting the lottery. They don’t care about that old job anyway.

*  imagine what they don’t admit to.