I thought that Victor Davis Hanson would “get it” sooner.

Victor is starting to understand, but he still has quite a way to go to reach full understanding. Worth a read…

Victor Davis Hanson: White versus White America

Awesome Image from the DonkeyHotey blog.

White elites are the main reason Donald Trump’s campaign hasn’t sputtered and failed.

… the white lower and middle classes are angry, and they are tired of being blamed for the unhappiness of other tribes. In our world, in which uncouth tribal leaders can say almost anything, these whites wanted their own Sharpton or Ramos, and finally got him with Donald J. Trump. As is true of most revolutionary movements, the aggrieved are not as angry at their perceived opponents as they are contemptuous at the enablers of them.

Even though I’m giving VDH a smidgen of  credit for at least attempting to understand the Trump phenomenon, he still simply can’t keep himself from looking down his nose at those fellow citizens that he considers so low class, he labels them “Tribal”.

Victor simply can’t resist the urge to wallow around in his own cloistered elitist bubble, engaging in contemptuous disdain and casual disregard of his fellow citizens. Victor’s unearned elitist attitude is exemplified yet again in this article when he uses terms such as, “shrieking, thumbs-down spectators” and “sometimes incoherent” to describe those voters who have the temerity to support … a different candidate than the one he likes! Oh Noes! Those morans!!!

The only difference between Victor and the gap toothed white painter he describes, is income level and family inheritance.

No … Other … Difference … Victor.

Try as he might to seem like one of the “regular folks” VDH still fits right in with the Crony GOP establishment, he’s still a proud fellow of the sell-out NRO.

Victor should take a longer look in the country club mirror … maybe he would see in his reflection, that he himself has some (not small) amount of personal responsibility for the current massive divide within the GOP.