I thought that Kasich was running for VP

I mean why else would he stay in a race he has no chance of winning?

The Puzzle of John Kasich

Image courtesy DonkeyHotey

One of the last three candidates standing, John Kasich continues to campaign as though he actually has a chance to be the GOP nominee in the fall.  “I’m the only one who can beat Hillary,” he says.  He bases this on the logic of head to head polls against Hillary Clinton, where Cruz and Trump, both of whom outdistance him in delegate counts, do not fare as well.

Of course, it’s quite the open secret that Kasich isn’t actually on the ballot in some states, such as Illinois and Pennsylvania, so the fact that the GOP hasn’t outright opposed his candidacy is yet another puzzle.    Or it?  Now we have proof, from his own emails, that Kasich is not actually in the race to win, but only to stop Trump, while he campaigns that he will win.

Let’s be clear about one thing: John Kasich will NOT win the GOP nomination.  He may be AWARDED the nomination through a corrupt and very back-room type of brokered process at the convention, but he has zero chance to actually win it.  But why would the GOP award the nomination to a man who barely won his own state and isn’t even on the ballot in others?  Answer: They won’t.

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What could the GOP offer Kasich to keep running? Kasich’s only path to the nomination is through a contested convention which is a highly unlikely scenario (no matter what the media says). But I always thought that his most likely goal was to become Trump’s running mate.

To me it seems stupid to keep running if the only goal is to stop the leading candidate. I’m not a big fan of Kasich’s policies, but I’ve never thought of him as stupid.

Of course I used to think the GOP leadership understood basic civics, and I was wrong about that, so what do I know?