The next chapter of Internet Fascism

Or would you call this the new Stasi and their Spitzel?

Be Careful What You Tweet: ‘Social Autopsy’ Project ‘Lifting the Masks’ on Social Media Accounts, Linking Users to Their Employers

stasi-surveillanceA new search engine and database says it aims to expose the purveyors of anonymous online ‘hate speech’ to employers, friends, and families.

“Social Autopsy” is a new tech project seeking $75,000 in start-up funds on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform. Its stated goal is to build a database of social media accounts that engage in “online hate speech” and “cyber-bullying,” linking their online profiles to their places of employment.

When the project launches, Social Autopsy will encourage ordinary web users to snitch on any friends, co-workers, or web acquaintances: “Have someone that you’d like to add to our morgue? Submit them! Our database is continuously grown by anonymous submissions from individuals like you.”

“Simply put, Social Autopsy is your digital footprint. So be mindful of the words that you share,” they warn.

Encouraging the “outing” of anonymous individuals on the Internet, or revealing their private information, is known as “doxing” and is commonly portrayed as a form of online abuse. If Social Autopsy wants to expose anonymous online abusers, it may run afoul of Kickstarter’s terms of use, which expressly forbid abusing other people’s personal information.

I have a good name for a similar competing service, Informeller Mitarbeiter. Who’s in?