Little Known Fact: FEC loopholes allow campaigns & Super PAC’s to coordinate

TrollsForHireBUSTED: Pro-Clinton Super PAC Caught Spending $1 Million on Social Media Trolls

A Super PAC headed by a longtime Clinton operative is spending $1 million to hire online trolls to “correct” Bernie Sanders’ supporters on social media.

Apparently this is also the same Campaign/PAC legal logic used by the Cruz campaign when excusing their coordinating with Cruz’s PAC.

The Cruz campaign bought the IP rights from GQ for a photo spread featuring Mrs. Trump’s fashion shoot from many years ago. One photograph of Mrs. Trump was then tweeted to church ladies in Utah by the Cruz PAC.

As to the Paid Trolling, I have identified several that lie in the weeds of various conservative and libertarian sites just to foment dissent and division within the ranks. Many of the never-Trump commentors are actually paid Democrat operatives, some are paid GOPe operatives, but of course … some are just Internet Jokers that start fights for the lulz.

But none of that excuses the skirting of the law here. I find it troubling that the Cruz and Clinton campaigns are using similar strategies.

Libby Watson of the Sunlight Foundation told the Daily Beast on Thursday that FEC loopholes allow the Hillary Clinton campaign and David Brock’s Super PAC to coordinate with one another, despite the Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court decision prohibiting a Super PAC’s independent expenditures from going directly toward a particular candidate.

“It’s not totally clear what [CTR’s] reasoning is, but it seems to be that material posted on the Internet for free—like, blogs—doesn’t count as an ‘independent expenditure,’” Watson said. She continued by addressing the unprecedented nature of the project.

She concluded with a damning assessment: “Campaign finance lawyers are not that impressed with [CTR’s] logic, but they can get away with it because the [Federal Election Commission] is deadlocked and does nothing.”

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Funny, the phrase “deadlocked and does nothing” describes the entirety of the Federal Government, no?

Lastly; When doing some Bing and Google searching trying to find out who tweeted the photo of Mrs. Trump, the search results returned thousands of stories about Trump attacking Cruz’s wife, and none about the Cruz PAC attacking Mrs. Trump.

The Cruz Campaign and the detestable phony conservative PAC called “Making America Awesome”have deleted any trace of the tweet that started the “Attack of Wives” portion of the GOP primary campaign.


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