Zoe Quinn doesn’t just allegedly fake harassment against herself but, also apparently harasses other people too!

Looks Like Zoe Quinn Is #GamerGate

zoe-quinn-desarrolladora-victima-y-experta-en-ciberacosoSHIELD is Hydra. Hydra is SHIELD.

One unfortunate thing about the battles between online feminists (such as Zoe Quinn) and online anti-feminists (such as the #GamerGate movement) is that explaining them always gets so complicated, in part due to the use of online aliases and fakery. The truth is unlikely to be followed by any normal, sane person who isn’t obsessed with the details.

So here’s the one-paragraph version of the latest (and it’s still longer than one might wish): Zoe Quinn doesn’t just allegedly fake harassment against herself (as was long suspected) but, also harasses other people too!

In short, despite media adulation for people like Quinn (and Anita Sarkeesian, who now gets to decide what’s offensive on Twitter in an official capacity), it appears increasingly likely that a huge chunk of harassing behavior online (the bad parts of GamerGate, if you will) is what conspiracy theorists call a “false flag operation”—the purported good guys disguising themselves as bad guys to frighten the populace and make the purported good guys look necessary. If you have the patience, read a longer version of it all here and follow the chain of deduction that one woman who tangled with Quinn went through in figuring out what’s (apparently) really going on.

In a way, it makes sense that people who thrive in the school of piranhas that is Twitter turn out to have the ethics of a deranged mob.

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