Trump is far and away better at mass media manipulation than almost everyone working in mass media.

What can the media do that they haven’t done for months already? Print sections of the Trump Wikipedia page, maybe.

Trump-originalGet Ready for the Biggest Media Assault You’ve Ever Seen—Aimed Squarely at Trump

In case you’re under some kind of illusion that Donald Trump now has a clear path to the presidency, let me enlighten you about what has likely been set in motion tonight.

The media people go after Trump at their own peril.

At every speech, every rally, Trump points to the press pool and calls them “the most dishonest people in the country”.

Trump long ago began planting the “meme” seeds and the media’s compulsive drive to mindlessly pursue ratings, will ultimately pay off with a satisfying “talking head” or “pundit” self immolation every so often.

Like little Marco, Low energy Yeb!, and Lyin’ Ted all learned, the Trump trope will stick when its not only funny, but also happens to be true.

I can’t wait!


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