Hillary Coughing Attack: VNS implants cause coughing such as this

Hillary doesn’t have the Stamina for the presidency.

Hillary is too weak and fragile for public office.

As to the consistent coughing … it’s possible that Hillary has a VNS implant (vagus nerve stimulator) to help prevent seizures!

The reports of coughing and falling (fainting) go back to 2008. So if she does have a VNS to control her seizures it’s unlikely that they result from her emergency eye/brain surgery to remove a “Blood Clot” in 2012 (but it was NOT a stroke! no … no … no).

It’s actually possible that Hillary had the VNS implant long before her brain surgery in 2013, probably some time before 2008, when the VNS device was becoming a widely accepted seizure control treatment.

The brain surgery back is 2012 is also the surgery that caused her to have double vision so severe that she had to wear prism glasses while testifying about Benghazi on national television.

clinton-glasses-472x620In December of 2012 Clinton was reported to have fainted and suffered a concussion. However, no explanation was ever given for the “fainting” beyond a denial that she had suffered a stroke.

After the fainting, and concussion (remember … not a stroke!) Clinton didn’t return to work for several weeks.

During this time, Clinton was examined by doctors and they found a blood clot in the space between her skull and brain. (But this particular brain blood clot is not a stroke people!) When asked, doctors denied that Clinton had any more severe neurological damage beyond a simple blood clot.

Clinton left the hospital after her surgery which left her wall-eyed and suffering from double vision. Clinton didn’t return to the office until January of 2013.

Hillary Clinton has already proven that she is unable to maintain the dedication and amount of working hours required to hold high office in every capacity to which she has ever been appointed. We should not take the risk of allowing someone who may have severe brain damage to be President.

(I know … insert Trump remark here)


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  1. The constant lies and lifetime of despicable acts are finally coming back to haunt her. She is literally rotting from the inside out.


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