HotGas Headline: Microsoft needs to change course to resuscitate the XBox brand (Part 1)

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Xbox-720-controllerWith rumors now flowing from both compa­nies, it seems to no longer be a question of whether Microsoft will roll out a new Xbox to compete with the PlaySta­tion 4 Neo, but when, and what form it will take. With the PlaySta­tion 4 beating the Xbox One roughly 2:1 in sales, it’s clear that if Microsoft wants to gain ground against Sony in this next round it can’t afford to just match the PS4 Neo’s system upgrades blow for blow – it has to beat it decisively.

Microsoft’s Xbox group seems to acknowl­edge this. Xbox head Phil Spencer commented that he wasn’t “wild about the idea of an Xbox One And A Half” and that he’d want any future Xbox to be “a substan­tial change.” It’s a decla­ra­tion that Microsoft intends to go big – no half measures. He wants a whole new Xbox gener­a­tion.

What does that mean, as compared to what Sony appears to be doing with the PS4 Neo? Since any new Microsoft consolewould run the same operat­ing system as the Xbox One and be fully backward compat­i­ble with its game library in the same way we expect the PS4 Neo to be, the differ­ence would likely be largely a new market­ing push that abandons the wounded Xbox One brand. Instead, Microsoft could launch a new Xbox name that doesn’t have the stink of the Kinect’s failure and inferior hardware specs follow­ing it around. The Xbox One would become the Windows ME or Windows Vista of the Microsoft console family history: a misstep that’s cut short and quickly swept under the rug and replaced.

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