Play your old computer games on your new PC

I have been a big fan of emulation and Virtual Machine technology for years.

HotGas: How to Run Your Old Games

Screenshot_20160228_120439A couple weeks back I tried to run an old game of mine, you know, those really, really old ones that were more DOS than Windows games or were made for really old versions of exist­ing libraries like Direct­Draw and DirectX. Well low and behold, it just doesn’t work. Now many of these games are also avail­able from if you want to buy them again, but if you are like me and a cheap son of a gun, well you would try to exhaust all possi­ble options before spend­ing money on these titles.

Sure it may be conve­nient and it may be user friendly to buy from Good Old Games… but where is the fun in that?

So I went looking for options and I found several software suites that allow for emula­tion of a complete operat­ing system. Sure there is DOS Box for the really old stuff, but I hate messing with it if I don’t have to. And plus, my game was an early Windows title, not a DOS appli­ca­tion.

Now since the vast major­ity of our users are Windows customers, this will be highly windows focused.

However, for those of you on Mac and Linux, “WINE” is a great piece of software that essen­tially is a compat­i­bil­ity layer (much like the compat­i­bil­ity layer that modern windows has for older versions of itself) for windows software on your system. This provides almost Windows level perfor­mance that you may have trouble reach­ing when virtu­al­iz­ing or emulat­ing older operat­ing systems.

So what is all this gobbley­gook about virtu­al­iza­tion and emula­tion?

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Emulation and virtualization apps that allow you to run computer programs in a simulated old computer or game console are a mature technology. The technology has also become very easy for the non-computer expert to install, use and enjoy for numerous computer needs, not just limited to computer gaming.