Never-Trump GOP finally come out to support Hillary

The Never-Trump movement was always about supporting globalization and promoting a one-world government. The NeoCons and GOP establishment that is fighting the GOP base so ferociously feel no allegiance to the United States at all. Now they are admitting that they are (and always have been) working on behalf of the leftists and the Democrat party to weaken the US, eliminate the constitution and erase the United States’ borders.

cogopnevertrump (1)On the Lonely Island of ‘Never Trump’
Across Washington, stalwarts of the GOP foreign-policy establishment find themselves suddenly adrift. Could they really vote for—gulp—Hillary?

But for one group of Republicans, “never” has become the operative word. This is the party’s foreign policy establishment, a close-knit set of thinkers, diplomats and strategists with an internationalist ideology deeply rooted in a belief that America has a leading role to play in a changing and dangerous world. For them, Trump’s Lindbergh-style isolationism and defiant ignorance of the world’s complexities is simply too horrifying to support. They have emerged as the vanguard of the #nevertrump holdout movement—and, as their party leaves them to embrace the front-runner, they’re increasingly a cohort in search of a home. Will it be four more years of working in think tanks? Could the answer be Hillary Clinton?

The GOP establishment and Never-Trumpers have finally admitted that they are indeed un-American, and do not think it important to support the best interests of the US nor their fellow citizens.

Rather the GOP establishment and the Never-Trump brigade are now (and apparently always have been) working diligently to establish a One-World government. A One-World government that they think they will control. All other interests fall by the wayside to be sacrificed in pursuit of this goal, including patriotism, the Constitution, and the constitutionally protected freedoms of their fellow citizens.

For a more in-depth analysis of the latest on Never-Trumpism head on over to HotGas and check out kingsjester’s post: Trump, Kelly, Beck, and the “#NeverTrumpers”
(Scroll down past the HotGas  headlines to read the article) It’s worth a read.

In a post entitled; Russell Moore, Dominionism, and Ted Cruz, Fossten over at HotGas has identified a recurring theme of the Never-Trumpers, the NEOCons, the GOP establishment, and the modern Baptist movement.

God’s kingdom is already “inbreak­ing” on Earth right now, and is being given to certain leaders, priests, and kings of the Christian church to control the world’s finances.

In short, Domin­ion­ism.

Riffing on Fossten’s post; The Never Trumpers favor amnesty, globalism, collectivism, and commu­ni­tar­i­an­ism.  They teach Social Justice while pretending to be conservative Christians.  They also speak critically of Israel, and don’t mention the Jews without also mentioning the Palestinians.  They’re very careful to balance their statements.

Dominionists seek to impose an informal theocratic nationalism on the United States. They ignore or simply disagree about the separation of Church and State. Regardless of the fact that theocracy was dismissed as eroding freedom by the founders.

Dominionism has become a major influence on the GOP establishment. These Christian Right activists are flooding into the Never-Trump movement and are now flirting with joining the Democrat party due to the absolute rejection at the GOP grassroots level of their One World Theocratic government ideology and all that it stands for.

Now, legitimate questions must be raised about whether or not the GOP’s Republican leadership have completely moved from mere generic Christianity toward the totalitarian Dominion Theology.


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