Resisting Social Media Censorship is Important

censorship-1The News media is in big trouble. You won’t read about their impending demise or hear about their financial woes in the news because, well … why would they broadcast that news? But it’s true nonetheless.

So while the Mainstream media outlets continue to bury and promote stories solely for ideological concerns, political correctness and to further their “narratives” rather than traditional “Hard News” editorial reasons, they continue to alienate half or more of their potential readership.

Those alienated readers have to go somewhere to get their news fix, and that destination has primarily been the various social media and tech sites.

Numbers are coming out now that show that as media firms have lost control and market-share of news content, social media tech platforms are seeing their news readerships (and revenue from news) drastically increasing.

The reason that the media has been losing so much market share is obvious to anyone looking. News consumers are getting their news from social media as a result and any growth of mainstream media consumption doesn’t seem to be in the cards for many (most?) mainstream news media outlets these days. Without eyeballs, there is no incentive to advertise with them. No money means no newspaper, radio or TV station.

Notice however that the social media sites are starting off by engaging in similar practices as those of the dying traditional news providers.

They’re already censorshipsacrificing credibility for ideology and for clicks. They always were simply lying about news “Crowd sourcing”.

The FaceBook News Feed, Google News, Reddit’s r/news feed, Twitter trending, Instagram, you name one … all of them misrepresent so-called “Crowd sourced” news feeds that are really nothing more than run-of-the-mill centrally managed, left leaning edited news.

Social Media claims of “User driven” content are simply marketing (let’s not call it a lie) and have very little basis in reality.

WDuck_Dynasty_Red_Square_Facebook_Fingerhen I wrote about Facebook skewing its “trending news” feed, I predicted that “you won’t read about those on Facebook’s news feed”, but I was surprised to see that because I and countless other people posted the story directly to Facebook (and other social media platforms) it actually turns out that a very large number of news readers learned about the controversy… while reading about it on Facebook in spite of it’s exclusion from the “Trending News” Feed.

Here is the post: Facebook censoring “trending” news is just the tip of the iceberg. In  defense of my prediction, I still never saw that story show up on the actual FB “Trending News” Feed.

Google-Censorship-580x379Shortly thereafter a number of other stories of social media censorship appeared. I posted about Claims that Google Is Manipulating Search Results for Clinton’s Campaign which only became a big story once it started to go viral, the Mainstream media buried that story entirely.

The European Union brokered a censorship agreement with Facebook Google, Microsoft, Twitter and others. I talked about that here: Political Correctness, Crypto-fascism and the Death of the Internet. Funny thing, there was never any mention of who it is that actually gets to do the censorship flagging. There was also no mention of the EU censorship agreement in the trending news feed of any Social Media provider that I’m aware of.

Reddit-CensorsReddit started to censor Trump supporters after their strict censorship of the /news subreddit of posts about the Orlando Shootings backfired and only chased commentors over to a less heavily moderated Trump subreddit. Reddit mods decided to make lemonade from that lemon and were only too happy to keep bringing the censorship hammer down on Trump comments.

Since the Reddit censorship experiment seemed to go rather easy for the Reddit censors, (only a little complaining from right wingers – who’s opinions don’t really count because, you know … racists) Reddit Mods are now routinely censoring news of many major events. Recently it was reported that Reddit is censoring speech on multiple subreddits Following the bombings in Istanbul.

Wikipedia_CensoredHeck even Wikipedia censorship has gotten more intense (which I didn’t think was even possible). Just yesterday Wikipedia removed the Orlando shooting from the ‘Islamist Terror Attack’ Wikipedia list. This is an escalating pattern with Wikipedia. Last year Wikipedia was trying to eliminate the Federalist’s entire Wikipedia Entry

 The science-loving censors at Wikipedia, not content with memory-holing unassailable facts about Neil Tyson’s history of fabricating quotes (part 1, part 2, and part 3), attempted to completely erase The Federalist from Wikipedia. Seriously, take a look.


youtube-CensorshipYoutube also recently announced an update to their Anti-Harrassment policy which sounds more like an announcement of a “Crackdown” on speech that they don’t like.

Newly censored Youtubers seem concerned by the site’s new “Anti-Harassment Policy” and unsurprisingly some Youtube contributors are questioning the intended scope of Youtube’s new censorship policy.

Is anyone sensing a pattern here?

I keep using the term crypto-Fascist for a reason.

There is no doubt that ALL of the Social Media speech censors would tell you that they are most definitely NOT Fascists, but looking at their activities you also know that they possess ideologically totalitarian views and want to control ideas, and censor any subject matter that they don’t agree with.

The First Amendment protects against censorship imposed by politicians passing laws, but it does’t give any protection against corporate censorship. The only recourse the public has when confronted with corporate censorship is to pressure the censors to “stop doing that”. Either by contacting them and voicing your objections, or via the passive aggressive voice of a market driven approach, stop consuming their product, and go to a competitor.

exercise-free-speechThat may seem an unlikely recourse because these companies seem to be so large.

However the Internet is a nebulous thing. High traffic websites become abandoned backwaters in a big hurry. Remember that Yahoo was once THE search engine, Digg was THE news aggregator, and MySpace was THE social media platform.

Who uses them now?

So keep a jaundiced eye looking for signs of censorship on your favorite news provider. It’s important to the free expression of ideas, and to a free and open exchange of those ideas on the Internet. If you see censorship, make a big deal out of it.

Because it is a big deal.

So Why is this issue so important?

Because if you don’t resist censorship in the public square, the government will get the idea that it can and should start “officially” censoring, with the public square this time being … the Internet.

Today the FCC and FEC commissioners have both issued warnings that Federal regulation of the Internet is coming soon.

That’s why.

Update: Constantine XI says that HotGas Media WILL NOT COMPLY With the Coming FCC/FEC Regulation of Blogs, and then calmly explains why. Heh.

VIDEO: Stupid Butt-Hurt UK Millennials

Whiny, entitled leftists protest on the same side as big banks & big business

By: Paul Joseph Watson


Stupid butt-hurt millennials are whining and crying because the UK voted to leave the EU.

They’re out on the streets protesting against democracy and in favor of the political establishment.

There hasn’t been this kind of outpouring of love for an undemocratic superstate since the Hitler Youth.

Apple wants to dictate when and where you are allowed to take i-pictures

Apple wants to dictate when and where you are allowed to take i-pictures, starting with shows and concerts.

Musicians and performers must really hate the viral videos of them when they do stupid crap on stage.

AppleiCuffs.jpgApple patents infrared blocker to stop people taking pictures and videos inside venues

  • Device is setup on the stage and emits infrared signals to iPhones
  • Camera and video feature would only be disable if pointed at the performer
  • Features will work if you take pictures or video of friends or the crowd

Many artists and comedians politely ask the crowd to refrain from snapping pictures and shooting videos during their performance – only to be ignored once the show starts.

Apple’s latest patent could be the solution, disabling the use of recording and photography features inside concert halls.

Using infrared data transmissions, venues would emit a signal that would hit every iPhone, preventing users from taking pictures and recording videos of the stage.

The crypto-Fascists are feverishly working to control people’s every waking moment.

Update: More From


In Between Drinks the EU President Hints at a General Embargo of British Goods



EU President: No Market Access Unless You Allow Unlimited Immigration
HatTip: NWConservative




Market access restrictions hinted at: Check.

Unlimited Migrants equated to “Freedom Of Movement”:
Check. (Unless of course you’re a Christian trying to migrate into an Islamic country).

Freedom of movement requirements that might make many Eastern European countries rethink their EU commitments.

Question: Without access to Eastern European military, what kind of “Military force” does the EU really possess? I don’t think that the EU leadership has really thought this threat through.

EU Saber rattling begins right on queue:

Eu-army-640x481Just Days After Brexit, EU Releases Plan For Further Expansion, An EU Army, AND Turkish Membership

The European Union (EU) is going through an “existential crisis” that can only be solved through more military integration, Turkish accession and the creation of a “true union”, EU chiefs have said.
In a document on the political union’s foreign policy objectives in light of the UK’s vote to leave, EU officials call for a “stronger Europe” the draws on “the combined weight of a true union”.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini points out in the foreword that “the European Union currently deploys seventeen military and civilian operations, with thousands of men and women serving under the European flag for peace and security” before calling for further integration.

The document adds that the EU needs “full spectrum defence capabilities”, and although it claims members states will “remain sovereign” in decisions of defence, it goes on to say: “To acquire and maintain many of these capabilities, defence cooperation must become the norm.”

This latest spate of EU Saber rattling is intended to browbeat the British Parliament into ignoring British voters and the Brexit referendum. The EU are demanding (and fully expect) British Parliament to continue capitulating to more EU political, trade and border control.

If the Brits ignore these threats and move ahead with an EU Exit filing, it might not take long for those EU officials currently only calling for a “stronger Europe” that draws on “the combined weight of a true union” to up the ante and begin calling for a United EU military to compel the British back into EU membership by force.

Update 2:

All the saber rattling may be too little, too late.

Backlash Against The EU Spreads As Political Parties Across The Continent Call For 34 Separate Referendums

The British vote to leave the European Union could trigger a tidal wave of referendums, with up to 34 plebiscites on matters ranging from membership itself to keeping the euro and stopping the influx of refugees.

So it’s a race between EU member states voting to EUxit, and EU elites uniting the military and bringing it to bear against those recalcitrant member states and their votes.

Update: Can you feel the winds? Are they the winds of change? Or of war?

EU-Empire‘EU WANTS AN EMPIRE’ Brussels hope to expand its influence as far as ASIA and AFRICA

THE EU wants to expand its influence as far and wide as Asia and Africa – with critics fuming it shows Brussels are planning to form “its own empire”.

THE EU wants to expand its influence as far and wide as Asia and Africa – with critics fuming it shows Brussels are planning to form “its own empire”.


June Campaign Spending: Team Clinton $25.8 million, Team Trump $0

This is really bad news for the Media for a lot of reasons.

Trump has actually gone up in the polls while spending … absolutely nothing, zero, zilch, nada. Against an opponent who is spending astonishing amounts of money for political ads, especially because it’s so early in the general election cycle.

All 25 million dollars worth of that Clinton media advertising has been every bit as effective as … Trump’s not advertising at all.

JuneCampaignSpending.pngTeam Clinton Spent $26M on Battleground Ads in June. Trump Spent $0.

Hillary Clinton and her allies continue to dominate the presidential battleground-state airwaves, outspending Donald Trump and pro-Trump groups this month, $26 million to $0, according to ad-spending data from SMG Delta.

For the week, it’s $7.5 million to $0 in the eight battlegrounds of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia. And when you add future ad reservations, it’s $140 million to $0.

In these battleground states, the Clinton campaign has spent nearly $9 million in ads this month, while affiliated outside groups like the pro-Clinton Super PAC Priorities USA have chipped in an additional $17 million.

The sole pro-Trump advertiser, Rebuilding America Now, has aired commercials on national cable TV, not in the battlegrounds – at a price tag of $1.2 million so far.

What happens when American businesses get the idea that media advertising isn’t actually as effective as is thought?


Update: POLL: Trump Pulls Into Lead – 43-39

White House Watch: Trump 43%, Clinton 39%

The tables have turned in this week’s White House Watch. After trailing Hillary Clinton by five points for the prior two weeks, Donald Trump has now taken a four-point lead.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds Trump with 43% of the vote, while Clinton earns 39%. Twelve percent (12%) still like another candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Last week at this time, it was Clinton 44%, Trump 39%. This is Trump’s highest level of support in Rasmussen Reports’ matchups with Clinton since last October.

Keep in mind that the largest swings to Trump occurred in the very states where Hillary’s campaign spent the most on negative Trump ads.

Brexit May Have Triggered the Rise of the 4th Reich

I have marveled for years at how Germany (with the help of Belgium) was able to accomplish what the Nazis had ultimately failed at many years before; The complete takeover of Europe and Britain.

Via HotGas:

EU Moving at Breakneck Speed to Form the German SuperState Union

We have already discussed the inten­tions of the European Union technocrats in the run up to the Brexit vote in the Unite. There were rumors from the Express that the European Union was about to get serious in its’ quest to wrest total legislative and executive control from its’ member nations.

The Brexit opponents in the “Remain” camp were poo-pooing the rumors at the time and were essentially calling them conspiracy theory talk. Well now, what do they have to say now?

The German and French foreign ministers have assembled and brought forth the plan that will cede all sover­eignty to the technocrats in Brussels.

With the exit of Britain, the German Union is no longer hiding its’ intentions for the national governments of its’ “member” nations.

Also Via HotGas:

BREAKING NOW: Germany finally wins World War 2
With Britain leaving the Eu, Germany is now the dominant power in the EU.  So it is now official.

Germany has just finished winning World War 2 only 71 years after the war ended. Why?

Does this map look like Germany 1941?  Or like the EU 2016?

The Brexit vote may have triggered the “EUzies”* to begin planning (or accelerate an already existing plan) for the military takeover of the EU member states in order to achieve Germany’s and Brussels’ United Europe “SuperState” dreams.

The EU political elite are already talking about banning the use of the English language in official EU documents and speeches. The President of the European Parliament says that “It Is Not The EU Philosophy That The Crowd Can Decide Its (the EU’s) Fate” … which isn’t a Fascist sentiment at all.

Behold the rise of the “European Superstate” which doesn’t take a lot of imagination to also envision as “The Fourth Reich”



Has Britain avoided a ‘European superstate’? France and Germany ‘draw up plans to morph EU countries into one with control over members’ armies and economies’

  • France and Germany reported to have drawn up ‘superstate plan’
  • It would mean members give up armies and economic power to the EU
  • Report ‘leaked’ in Poland where it has been branded ‘not the solution’
  • Leaders of Germany, France and Italy said EU was ‘indispensable’ tonight

Plans for ‘a closer European Union’ have been branded an attempt to create a ‘European superstate’.

Germany‘s foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault today presented a proposal for closer EU integration based on three key areas – internal and external security, the migrant crisis, and economic cooperation.

But the plans have been described as an ‘ultimatum’ in Poland, with claims it would mean countries transfer their armies, economic systems and border controls to the EU.


The British had better take notice of these rumblings, because if history is any indicator the EUzies will likely begin to homogenize the military of all of the member states and then attempt to force Britain to rejoin the EU under the threat of newly minted EU Superstate military forces.

The Führer is not exactly happy with the Brexit referendum’s results either!

*EUzies … I thought that one up myself! Finally! Something original on the PoliTech Blog

Update: Can you feel the winds? Are they the winds of change? Or of war?

EU-Empire‘EU WANTS AN EMPIRE’ Brussels hope to expand its influence as far as ASIA and AFRICA

THE EU wants to expand its influence as far and wide as Asia and Africa – with critics fuming it shows Brussels are planning to form “its own empire”.

THE EU wants to expand its influence as far and wide as Asia and Africa – with critics fuming it shows Brussels are planning to form “its own empire”.


Crypto-Fascist Update: Google the Internet’s Censor and Master Manipulator

Of all of the dangerous censorship occurring on the Internet today, Google’s censorship programs are the most powerful … and the most dangerous if misused. So far there is no evidence that Google intends to stop misusing it’s Censorship powers any time soon.

Google-Censorship-580x379The New Censorship
How did Google become the Internet’s censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites?

Google, Inc., isn’t just the world’s biggest purveyor of information; it is also the world’s biggest censor.

The company maintains at least nine different blacklists that impact our lives, generally without input or authority from any outside advisory group, industry association or government agency. Google is not the only company suppressing content on the internet. Reddit has frequently been accused of banning postings on specific topics, and a recent report suggests that Facebook has been deleting conservative news stories from its newsfeed, a practice that might have a significant effect on public opinion – even on voting. Google, though, is currently the biggest bully on the block.

When Google’s employees or algorithms decide to block our access to information about a news item, political candidate or business, opinions and votes can shift, reputations can be ruined and businesses can crash and burn. Because online censorship is entirely unregulated at the moment, victims have little or no recourse when they have been harmed. Eventually, authorities will almost certainly have to step in, just as they did whencredit bureaus were regulated in 1970. The alternative would be to allow a large corporation to wield an especially destructive kind of power that should be exercised with great restraint and should belong only to the public: the power to shame or exclude.

If Google were just another mom-and-pop shop with a sign saying “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone,” that would be one thing. But as the golden gateway to all knowledge, Google has rapidly become an essential in people’s lives – nearly as essential as air or water. We don’t let public utilities make arbitrary and secretive decisions about denying people services; we shouldn’t let Google do so either.

Let’s start with the most trivial blacklist and work our way up. I’ll save the biggest and baddest – one the public knows virtually nothing about but that gives Google an almost obscene amount of power over our economic well-being – until last. Continue Reading …

I’m not sure if I agree with Robert Epstein’s conclusion that we need the government to regulate Google like a utility, but something indeed must change. A free and open society simply cannot survive under officially enforced Fascistic speech codes.