Why the Trump University Judge Controversy is Important, and Why it’s Not

Patrick Pulatie has done yeoman’s work, compiling a three part series about the trump-universityTrump University Lawsuit, the greedy law firm that was only involved in it for the money and how the entire thing has at this point degraded into a political witch hunt, by the judge, the media, as well as so-called “conservatives” along with their comrades and fellow travelers, liberals.

In Part 1 of the Trump University analysis, Patrick presents information that would allow for a better understanding of the issues related to the lawsuit.

For Part 2 Patrick provided a breakdown of specific information on a number of the Civil Case’s subjects and documents.

In Part 3, it is time to cover Judge Curiel, his decisions, and potential motivations. After that, the effort to empanel a jury is discussed.

Patrick Pulatie’s expose’ is a terrific starting point to understanding.