The day America changed is now in your rear view mirror

If you only watch TV for news you likely didn’t even know it happened…

Peaceful Trump rally­ attendees were attacked and brutally beaten by thugs in the streets of San Jose while the LaRaza (The Race) group that openly runs the local government, including the LaRaza police chief, LaRaza mayor and LaRaza judge all smile and nod their approval, all the while preventing LEOs from intervening or stopping the violence.

I also blame the cops. That these public union cops would stand by and watch while this happened tells you all you need to know about whether or not you can depend on unionized cops to do anything … other than possibly join in with the leftist mob, and beat up some more Republicans.

June 3, 2016, The Day America Changed

When Democratic Leaders Condoned, Promoted Bloody Assault on Republicans
By Jim Hoft Jun 5th, 2016

On Thursday, June 2, 2016, peaceful supporters of Donald Trump gathered at the San Jose Convention Center for a political rally in support of the Republican nominee.

The Trump supporters were all smiles as they waited to see candidate Trump on the rope line.

Little did they know that outside the center radical leftists, Bernie supporters, Muslims, Mexican nationalists, anarchists, SEIU members and several hundred angry thugs were waiting to spit on them, chase them, assault them and beat them bloody.

The days of interrupting speeches are over.
Democrats escalated their tactics on Thursday and will now beat skulls.

Read Gina’s excellent writeup over at at Hot gas. (Includes lots of video)

California Primary ~ Tick Tock Third World Clock
By ginaswo

It’s much later than most of us realized.

The San Jose Domestic Terrorism reminded me of all the horrible video we’ve seen from Europe. The woman cornered against glass and denied entry by Marriott was surrounded just like the women of Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria in Tarrarhush (sp). If not for the slime media she would likely have been attacked further.

Watching the reports slowly trickling out of Europe I kept asking why why are they letting this happen? They probably were lied to by their politicians as we have been, and all the crimes covered up just as our media do here. They probably didn’t know how late the time was just as we didn’t here … until San Jose.

Today in America you can assault Republican people right in front of cops from within the safety of a mob. The Media won’t cover it, but it’s all there recorded on video and those videos have been posted to the Internet. Will the American people ever start to understand that Americans are now truly under siege by Crypto-Fascists?