Cortana Gets Clingy

A jealous and clingy Cortana want’s you to stop seeing other search engines.



Cortana won’t let you search with Google in Windows 10

Microsoft’s digital assistant will only work with Bing and the Edge browser from now on.

In what may come as no surprise, Microsoft won’t let you use Cortana to perform a Google search anymore. While the digital assistant was capable of using a third-party search engine on Windows 10, the company announced this week that the “result is a compromised experience that is less reliable and predictable.” So, to ensure that everything works well, Microsoft will only allow Cortana to launch the new Edge browser and find answers via Bing.

Now that search with Google in Windows 10 is no longer an option; Next she’ll start asking you questions, checking your activities and whereabouts, reading your email, text messages, looking over your phone logs and your receipts – Oh, they all already do that don’t they?