This is cool: Jersey Maker and Benghazi Heroes Praise the Woman Assaulted at the San Jose Trump Rally

Trump Jersey Maker and Benghazi Heroes Praise Woman Assaulted at San Jose Trump Rally

After a mob of protesters assaulted a woman wearing a Trump campaign jersey as police stood by doing nothing at a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, the makers of the jersey she wore during the attack are looking to contact her.

The company is teaming up with the two members of a famed security team that Obama officials prevented from responding to the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, to honor the woman assaulted by Mexican activists and anti-Trump protesters.

The young woman, identified as San Jose resident Rachel Casey, was physically attacked by liberal anti-Trump forces outside a Trump rally early in June. Video of the harrowing incident shows the lone Trump supporter surrounded by a sea of violence- prone, left-wing rioters and Mexican activists who threw food and eggs at the frightened woman.

Shockingly, police officers just on the other side of a glass door did nothing to help the woman.

The video of the incident went viral nationwide as Trump supporters noted how the left feels no compunction about stomping on others’ free speech.

With the aid of the Benghazi heroes, Rowdy Republicans is asking the woman attacked by the liberal, anti-Trump forces to contact them in order to bestow upon her their first “Rowdy Republican” Award complete with all kinds of complimentary swag. The group also would like to fly her to a private meeting with “Tig” and “Oz” as their way of saying, “We are sorry that no one had your back at that moment but we all have your back now. Thanks for taking a stand for TEAM USA and TEAM TRUMP. Your bravery and grace did not go unnoticed. Your colors did not run and that earned you this award.”

Rachel Casey has more grit than all the “police” and “Security Guards” whom were hiding behind the Marriott Hotel doors, heck she has more grit than all those Leftist “protesters” (aka Rioters) put together.