Crypto-Fascist Update: Reddit To Censor Trump Supporters

Reddit-CensorsIn a rambling word-wall of a post explaining why Reddit plans to “adjust” their algorithms in order to censor those horrible Trump Supporters, their nonsensical excuse for their censorship plan is “What happened in Orlando this weekend”.

For more detail read the following post from Breitbart:

Reddit Will Adjust Algorithm To Censor Trump Supporters Following Orlando Shootings

Reddit has announced a change to its algorithm on /r/all, the page that is meant to rank the most popular posts trending across the site’s user-run communities. According to Reddit, the algorithm will be changed to promote more “diversity” on the subreddit.

The change is an explicit response to the Islamic terrorist attacks in Orlando, Florida. In their aftermath, /r/all was dominated by posts from /r/The_Donald, the primary community for Trump supporters on the site.

/r/all collects and ranks posts on Reddit according to how many “upvotes” they receive from users. A post typically requires several thousand upvotes to reach the front page of the site.

In the aftermath of the Orlando shootings, mass censorship on /r/News, Reddit’s main forum for discussing breaking news, led to a massive user exodus to /r/The_Donald, a community known for its commitment to free speech. According to The Daily Beast, more than 11,712 subscribed to the Trump-supporting subreddit on Sunday alone, making it the most successful day in the community’s relatively short history.

As concerns about censorship mounted, users began to use /r/The_Donald as their primary source of news about the shootings. At one point, 18 of the 25 highest-rated posts on /r/all were from /r/The_Donald.

Posts from /r/undelete and /r/uncensorednews, communities set up by Reddit users who were concerned by growing censorship on the rest of the site, also reached the front page of /r/all in the aftermath of the shootings.

Facebook’s “Trending News” feature was supposed to be that same thing, news voted up by the community. But Just like FaceBook, Reddit’s r/news feed is really another run-of-the-mill centrally managed, left leaning edited news vehicle. Reddit’s claims of “User driven” content are simply marketing and have little basis in reality.


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