Apple wants to dictate when and where you are allowed to take i-pictures

Apple wants to dictate when and where you are allowed to take i-pictures, starting with shows and concerts.

Musicians and performers must really hate the viral videos of them when they do stupid crap on stage.

AppleiCuffs.jpgApple patents infrared blocker to stop people taking pictures and videos inside venues

  • Device is setup on the stage and emits infrared signals to iPhones
  • Camera and video feature would only be disable if pointed at the performer
  • Features will work if you take pictures or video of friends or the crowd

Many artists and comedians politely ask the crowd to refrain from snapping pictures and shooting videos during their performance – only to be ignored once the show starts.

Apple’s latest patent could be the solution, disabling the use of recording and photography features inside concert halls.

Using infrared data transmissions, venues would emit a signal that would hit every iPhone, preventing users from taking pictures and recording videos of the stage.

The crypto-Fascists are feverishly working to control people’s every waking moment.

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