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Robotic Fast Food Restaurants Coming SoonBurgerBot

Via Tech Insider

A robot-powered burger joint is coming to San Francisco.

In 2012, secre­tive robot­ics startup Momen­tum Machines debuted a machine that could crank out 400 made-to-order hamburg­ers in an hour. It’s fully autonomous, meaning the robot can slice toppings, grill a patty, and assem­ble and bag the burger without any help from humans. The inter­net flipped out.

Years of relative silence ensued, but in January, Hoodline’s Brittany Hopkinslearned that the San Francisco-based startup had applied for a build­ing permit to convert a ground-floor retail space in the SoMa neigh­bor­hood into a restau­rant.

Now it looks like the restau­rant is actually happen­ing. A job posting on Craigslistfrom early June gives us our first glimpse into how the company’s future flagship, presum­ably opening soon, might work.

This location will feature the world-premiere of our propri­etary and remark­able new advances in technol­ogy that enable the automatic creation of impos­si­bly delicious burgers at prices every­one can afford,” the ad explains.

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