Melania Trump’s RNC speech was a Trump Troll and a Rick Roll


After watching the media go crazy trying to perform a “take down” of Melania Trump’s RNC Speech for the two days following the speech itself, and then reading the actual text of the so-called “plagiarized” passages, it started to dawn on me that Melania’s speech and the media’s reaction was following a pattern that we’ve seen time and again before.

Trump is a troll grand-master. As I have noted previously.

To think, Melania’s RNC speech was in reality simply a short unremarkable convention stump speech made by a candidates wife on the first day of the Republican convention. Generally something that hardly qualifies a “news” at all.

Yet somehow this speech is so controversial and important that it’s being discussed, parsed, analyzed, and published in its entirety on countless left-wing news sitessocial media, magazines, late night TV and blogs. Even RNC campaign staffers are in on the act, and the media still continues blissfully unaware that they are the actual butt of the jokes

The media are so incurious that they don’t even wonder why such a thing is occurring. Why, if the media hadn’t told me that this was a “gaff” I would think Mr & Mrs. Trump had the whole episode planned.

At this point I DO think The Donald himself wrote the speech, because it’s too perfect of a troll to be a Democrat sabotage job. The whole thing looks like a lesson from one of his books.

Trump looks to have engineered and parlayed a short stump speech into an opportunity to get his wife’s image next to Obama’s wife in almost every paper. news site, social media and TV. He included some common turns of phrase similar to a Michelle Obama speech (which wouldn’t actually count as plagiarism) and like Pavlov and his dogs, Trump got the typical salivating media response.

The bait was set and the media pounced on it, publishing the entire text of Melania’s speech all over the place. Even with side by side comparisons to the First Lady’s speeches. The talking heads are all talking about Melania’s speech. The beauty of this is that it’s actually motivating people to read Mrs.Trump’s speech, and it’s not a half bad speech in and of itself.

melania-trump-michelle-obama-comparisonWe also see countless articles, tweets and comments comparing the two First Ladies themselves. Trump has always liked to compare wives. I expect a Trump comment before the end of the week along the lines of Melania looking better than Michelle, and looking better than Michelle while delivering those lines!

Trump consistently uses the media’s knee-jerk hate for him to his advantage and he has kept the media playing right into his hands for over a year.

So thats my theory. Trump wrote the speech.

Who would have given the speech a second’s thought otherwise?

The Rick Roll included within the speech was the coup de grâce.

Trump is just doing donuts in the media’s front yard at this point.


Update: Almost as if on queue … Trump tweets:

Hehehe Trump is truly the greatest Internet troll that I have ever seen.



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