HotGas: Americanism – Nobility by culture


America and Americans have always had a kind of nobility that has befuddled the rest of the world for centuries.

World history as a whole is nothing more than one tragic story of rape, pillage, murder, and destruction after another. Nation upon nation, war upon war, tyrant upon tyrant. The lone exception has been the United States of America, a shining beacon of hope, liberty, and good in an otherwise house of horrors that we call Earth.

And yet Americans have demonstrated a willingness to stand up against the bullies of the world. The tyrants. The dictators. We’ve stopped world wars. We’ve conquered nations and then pulled out, demanding nothing, no spoils of war, no recompense for our blood and treasure. We fight and die for honor, sometimes to our own detriment. Japan. Germany. Iraq. We conquered, yet we did not exact payment. We occupied, but let them govern themselves.

We destroy, but we do not rape and pillage; instead, we rebuild at our own cost. We do not torture. We agonize in public hearings over Rules of Engagement. We have to hire lawyers to discuss waterboarding, which is NOT torture. We bend over backwards to prevent innocents from dying in war.

This is Americanism. We are nobility, not by birth, which is a fiction, but by deed, which is the purest, most precise measurement.

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