After an early evening of Fake News Reports saying Hillary had a 97% chance of winning, Trump is our new president

hillary-supporters-crying3I was pretty dang depressed at about 6:00 my time on election night. I was watching the early Exit Poll reports and things looked bad … about as bad as the polls indicated the day before.

So I shut down the computer and tuned the TV onto my trusty Xbox One and played guitar (Rocksmith 2014 is highly recommended if you’ve ever wanted to learn to play guitar). I played a few tunes and was getting over my electoral sadness when one of my friends called me to excitedly tell me that he thought Trump was going to win.

I tuned back into the news programs just in time to see newscasters on almost every network appear about to burst into tears as Trump’s winning in state after state was announced.


All in all a fun night!