The parade of “Literally Hitler” Trump Administration Cabinet picks will be epic

Via HotGas:

128btaPresident-elect Donald Trump has offered the position of attor­ney gener­al to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) and the position of CIA direc­tor to Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), accord­ing to sources close to the transi­tion.

Sessions’s offer was final­ized Thurs­day and the senator has been working with staff to lay the ground­work for an official announce­ment, said one person close to the transi­tion, who request­ed anonymi­ty to discuss inter­nal delib­er­a­tions.

Two sources who have spoken direct­ly with Trump officials said Pompeo had been offered and has accept­ed the job of CIA direc­tor. They also asked for anonymi­ty because they are not autho­rized to speak publicly about the process.

Now it’s getting pretty funny.

Sessions is already “Literally Hitler” this morning … replacing Bannon as this week’s “Literally Hitler”.

Everybody in the Trump administration is going to be “Literally Hitler” … until the next Cabinet announcement.

I feel sorry for the last Cabinet member, because like musical chairs, the last Cabinet pick will be “Literally Hitler” until the SCOTUS nominee. (Then the new SC Justice will be “Literally Hitler” for a while)

The media are busy decrying so-called “Fake News” websites that publish news unadulterated with leftist propaganda, while simultaneously publishing fake claims of “Literally Hitler” for every GOP candidate, appointee and supporter (which is something has actually been going on for the last 30 years at least).

This years Presidential Campaign has the Media beclowning themselves to such an extent with endless false stories and crazy conspiracy theories about Trump the Trump campaign, and Trump supporters that they may actually lose one or two viewers & readers.

Paul Watson sums it up nicely: