Forget “AltRight”, Forget “Fake News”, The Media Doubles Down on Unproven “Russian Election Influence” Charge


This whole ever changing anti-Trump narrative the media has been breathlessly hyperventilating over for five weeks, suffers from one major yet unmentioned flaw. Trump won the popular vote in the most states for one simple reason … because the Democrat party ran an unlikeable elitist quasi-criminal yammering haranguing harridan as their candidate.

Via Sparta Report: Riddle Me This Lefties: How Are The Russians Responsible For A Terrible, Hateful Candidate?

If you’ve been reading anything in the Mainstream Fake News Media, then you know the narrative flavor of the day.

‘The Russians are responsible for Hillary’s election loss!’

This is absurd as it isn’t the first of many excuses that the left as well as Hillary herself have been offering to explain away the loss. Granted, even on the Left not everyone is buying this stupidity. Wikileaks has consistently maintained that the information they released came from DNC insiders and not through Russian government hacks.

But the Left is currently Hellbent on making this Fake News take root in the mind of the public as fact, so I feel the need to put out there why Hillary Clinton was, and always has been, a terrible candidate.

So let’s humor the Left for a moment and say, “Ok, it’s Russia’s fault that Hillary lost.”

Now what? Please explain the following, starting with the question : “How are the Russians, whether that is Vladimir Putin himself or his intelligence agencies and their hackers, directly or even indirectly responsible for the following:”

Read the whole thing, it’s fun!

Hillary Clinton exemplified a sort of “anti-persuasion” in that every time she made a public appearance, more Democrat party support was chased away. Why does anyone think her appearances were so limited, especially near the end of the campaign? Had the campaign focus groups demonstrated any increasing support via Hillary’s personal appearance, they would have wheeled her carcass out for more than once a week speeches in junior high school gymnasiums.