Prediction: On January 6th, 2017 leftists will again attempt to block Trump’s election

860468-joe-bidenThere is still some drama to be had even after 304 electors voted for President Trump on December 19th. That day is January 6th 2017 when each states votes will have been sealed and sent to the President of the U.S. Senate. The electoral votes received from each state are to be read aloud to both Houses of Congress.

Congress then has to “officially count” the electoral votes.

Summary of Key Dates for the 2016 Presidential Election

Vice President Joe Biden will preside over the electoral vote count.

The left and the media (but I repeat myself) will be urging people not only to call Congressmen and Senators to stop certification of Trumps election victory, but will also bus in protestors to demonstrate and perform another bout of “Civil Disobedience” in front of the capital building in the forlorn hope that one member of the House and one member of the Senate will object to the certification of the vote, with the intent that all members of Congress “discuss” the many crazy conspiracy theories and media generated “Trump issues”, find Trump “not worthy” and ultimately decide to install a different candidate as POTUS.

We just witnessed the left and the media spending weeks attempting to stifle the will of the voters in the run up to the electoral college vote itself. I don’t think they are going to stop any time soon, and this is obviously their next step in attempting to delegitimize Trumps presidency.

Here is how the Electoral College votes certification process could shake out if the leftists and media get their way:

Lawmakers can technically object … in writing, with objections signed by at least one House and one Senate member … to individual electoral votes or entire states’ results. If the House and Senate support that objection, the vote or votes in question are thrown out.

That has never happened. But that minor detail wont stop the leftist protestations.

After the votes are counted, the results are final. Unless one or two states results are “Thrown Out” – to the tune of 35 Trump Elector votes. With 35 or more “non-certified” Trump electoral votes, it would mean that the House and Senate would have to vote for a president just as if neither candidate had reached 270 electoral votes in the general election.

Trump would still be voted in and would still be officially set for his inauguration at noon on January 20th. But the media narrative would be set for the next four years that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate and that he was “Selected not Elected” just like the left caterwauled about George Bush after his defeat of Al Gore.

Knowing the left and the media as we all do now, there is little doubt that they will make every effort to drum up more leftist protestations and demonstrations in order to make one last ditch attempt to prevent Donald Trump’s swearing into the office …

… but keep in mind that we also know how things have gone for them up till now. I predict that not only will the leftist voter suppression methods again not work, This particular trickery might even mean that congress could possibly throw out California’s electoral college votes entirely, thus awarding Trump the “popular vote” along with the Electoral College victory.

Every attempt at Trump delegitimization up to this point has backfired spectacularly. This one could too, and just as badly.

Regardless, if the Electoral College certification is front page news, and publically protested and fought … Ultimately it will only mean one thing; Trump supporters get one more chance to WIN!



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