American Thinker: Words and Phrases to Lose in 2017

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During a performance at Yoshi’s in Oakland, the late legendary Texas wordsmith Guy Clark asked the question: Is there a synonym for ‘Thesaurus’? He added that he never found one, but the word ‘lexicon’ was about as close as he could find. The lexicon, the words and phrases used on a daily basis, constantly evolves as words may go in and out of vogue. There is no decisive governing body determining which words to use or not use, but I sometimes wish there were. Words often need to be dropped, either from overusage, laziness, or because of misrepresentations of their true meaning. With the above in mind, I humbly submit a list of words that should be banned in the New Year: TRANSPARENCY — This word was elevated in the common lexicon under President Obama, who vowed to have the most transparent administration in history. After witnessing the misuse of the word during his tenure, any liberal politician who uses it should be tarred,…(Read Full Article)