Since the Democrat party shows no sign of any introspection, Sparta Report does it for them


Sparta Report: An Autopsy for the Democrats

I was listen­ing to a Republican-leaning local talk show host on the way to work last week, and one of the things he discussed was “Shouldn’t the Democ­rats do an ‘election autop­sy’ like the Repub­li­cans did after 2012?” I think the likeli­hood of any “autop­sy” is low, and the chances of the Democ­rats produc­ing an autop­sy that is of actual use are even lower.

The purpose of such an autop­sy is to deter­mine what you did wrong in the first place, and the Democ­rats don’t yet seem prepared to admit they did anything wrong. The reaction so far from the Democ­rats indicates they are, in fact, planning to double down.

The Repub­li­can autop­sy of 2012 was a flawed document, driven heavi­ly by politics. Some of the recom­men­da­tions were sensi­ble, such as greater minor­i­ty outreach and “don’t nominate out of touch rich guys who can’t connect with ordinary Ameri­cans.” But much of it was an effort to push the Repub­li­can establishment’s agenda, an agenda which had caused chaos within the party and result­ed in the Tea Party backlash. The number one recom­men­da­tion was to pass amnesty without delay, and we know by now what that would have brought about.

Any such document the Democ­rats try to produce will certain­ly be taint­ed by a similar agenda. Such a document will be self-serving, and designed to excuse the mistakes and errors of those in power, partic­u­lar the mistakes made by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Indeed, the entire Democ­rat respon­se has been one giant “CYA” opera­tion. The reaction so far has consist­ed primar­i­ly of denial of reali­ty. They have decid­ed that Trump is actual­ly a secret Russian agent but have not been able to prove this asser­tion, with the US “intel­li­gence” commu­ni­ty beclown­ing itself at Obama’s behest by spinning elabo­rate fairy tales of how positive cover­age of Trump from Russian media sources like RT and Sputnik somehow counts as “hacking the election.”

While the spinning of such elabo­rate conspir­a­cy theories is good for rousing the base, if such slime tactics worked on Trump, then he would never have become presi­dent. The entire story of this election was the mainstream media suffer­ing a huge defeat and reduc­tion in its abili­ty to influ­ence electoral outcomes through sliming Repub­li­cans.

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Every time I hear left leaning people talk about how bad it was that Russians seemed “Happy” about Trump’s election, I can’t help but think about how happy I was that we avoided the risk of nuclear war with old “Four Minute Hillary”.

Yea, I just don’t trust Hillary’s ability to keep a state secret, nor do I trust her after the gleeful look in her eye when talking about the  “Awesome Responsibility “of the nuclear launch codes.