Chris Edelson at TheHill goes full Rosie O’Donnell; demands election “do-over”


TheHill: Remedy for Russian meddling should be new election | TheHill

We cannot accept the results of an election tainted by foreign interference.

These leftist opinion editorials are starting to get truly funny.

This one from Jack Shafer at Politico is a beauty:

Pravda on the Checkout Line

There are 37,000 supermarkets in America, with an average of about 10 checkout stands each, and many stands feature a wire rack displaying the Enquirer, the Globe, often the company’s other tab, the National Examiner, and celebrity magazines. According to an industry study, American households make an average of 1.5 trips to the supermarket each week. Every customer passes by the checkout stand, which means that even people who never purchase a tabloid still absorb the ambient headlines, and those headlines can shape their view of the world.

Where Jack theorizes that the National Enquirer and other tabloids are subliminally altering voters’ perceptions at the grocery checkout line.

The comedy … it’s too much, but I’m still not tired of all of this winning!