They’re calling it “The Trump Factor” but it’s ALWAYS been a bad idea for a business to alienate half of their paying customers.

TruthFeed: BREAKING : Macy’s Suffers MAJOR Loss After Dismissing Trump

During the 2016 election, Macy’s dropped all of Trump’s line of business suits from their stores.

Macy’s states this was done to not have a product that would “polarize” half of the population.

Which is a nice way of saying they politically disagreed with Trump, thought he would lose and wanted to distance themselves.

This was the beginning of the end for Macy’s…

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Recall that Macy’s dropped Trump’s line of business suits from their stores, and they did this pre-election.

Macy’s management said at the time they didn’t want to have a product that would polarize half the population.

I might have gone for that rationale had Macy’s not backed Hilary Clinton for president.

As the saying goes, “If you tease the bull, you get the horns,” thus a year later, Macy’s will close 68 stores. A better way to view this is 10,000 Americans will lose their jobs.

Post-election, sans Trump branding, Macy’s posted major losses. Coincidence?

As Fox Business explained, the “Trump Factor” is taking branding to new heights.