I’ve never heard it preformed better; Sam Moore Sings ‘America the Beautiful’ at Inauguration Concert

Mr. Moore was quoted earlier, saying that he was “honored” to perform, and said he would not bow to pressure to cancel.

7-21-2017 11-14-39 AM.png

Moore also said, “We all as Americans need to unite behind our new President and give him a chance. He needs everyone’s support to make America greater, stronger and an even better country”.

“I am not going to let them, the left side, intimidate me from doing what I feel is the right thing to do for the country and that [presidential] seal,” he added, according to the Associated Press.

“Give the man a shot. He hasn’t even said ‘I do’ yet. Give him a chance. If you don’t like him after four years, then don’t vote for him next time.”