These are pretty funny: Book of Trump Chapter Eleven

The Deplorable Gloater has a new chapter in the Book of Trump Chapter Eleven

1.Oh liberal, where is thy sting? Where is thy power? Thou hast trampled on the necks of the people yet now thee whineth without cause? For behold, ye layeth the groundwork for your own demise as ye thought yourself smart and cocksure. Ye gaveth the power to government to crush thine enemies, and now that same government hast turned against thee and tramplest thee into dust!

2. For ye laid waste to thyself with thy love for filth and anarchy, which the people did spew from their mouths. Ye sought to tear down and conquer, to make sin a virtue, and virtue, a sin. Thou hast reaped thine own grave in a whirlwind, for the power that thou gavest government has now turned against you.

3. For ye were unholy with your love of illegals. Ye were unholy with your love for the black thuggery. You were unholy with your love of a pedophile, who preacheth hate, rape, beheadings, and submission. Ye loveth child sacrifice instead of loving life. Ye loveth hate. And now, ye are receiving what ye have sown.

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